long distance love

so. one thing that has been directly affected by my move abroad…my love life. honestly, it never crossed my mind before leaving the states, actually, it was the last thing on my mind. i kind of figured that it would be as it always has been, meet a guy, date a guy, rinse, repeat.  Continue reading

veggie lo mein + stir fry broccolini

coming back to the UAE fresh off of a 6 week eating hiatus, i decided to get my life together (once again) and start getting into the habit of meal prepping. not only is this a great way to budget my weekly spending (because i don’t know about you, but i will eat away a paycheck w/NO problem), but it is also a way to monitor portion sizes. as i was trying to think of what to prep for the week other than the typical grilled chicken, sweet potato, and broccoli, i decided to switch it up. hence. veggie lo mein and broccolini.  Continue reading

bffn (best friends for now)

“go best friend that’s my best friend!”

so this post is about how your best friends turn into friends, dwindle into acquaintances, and then dissipates to “oh yeah we used to be friends.” i’m sure that we have all been there, meeting someone who you click with in this extraordinary way and then you wake up one day and can’t even remember how you fell out in the first place.  Continue reading