easy peezy lemon squeezy

I found this super cool article on medicaldaily.com . It gives great beauty tips using only a lemon! I am going to personally try a couple of the tips and fill you in on how well they worked! Even if they don’t work as described I will sure enough be smelling like a fresh squeezed cup of lemonade! Ha!

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meet me at the water cooler

this is the place that consumes most of your time. when you’re there, you’re there, and when you’re not there, you’re THERE. this is the workplace. most of us (unless you’re unemployed, and if you are and still thriving…more power to you! TEACH ME!) but anyway, most of us spend a majority of our time either at work or thinking about work. so it is not uncommon for workplace relationships to form. some of them are platonic and others may be romantic. my question to you in cyberland, would you or would you not date a coworker? Continue reading