call me maybe

ok. so there are 8, 567, 193 rules to dating, but i still struggle every single day because i don’t know ANY of them! am i calling too much? am i not calling enough? should i send the first text message even though i sent the first message last time? how far in advance can you make plans with someone you’re not in a relationship with without seeming like a complete lunatic? (these are all real questions that i have, so if you have any insight…please feel free to share!)

i’ll share a little from my personal life.

i am self proclaimed crazy…

let me tell you how. if we meet, enjoy each others company, and you make me laugh (lord knows i LOVE to laugh…whew!) then i will begin the process of cutting any and every other person who even seems like they’re interested in me and direct all my attention to you. now, this can be a good thing or a very bad thing. the good, is well, the obvious. my undivided attention and endless access to my side splitting sense of humor (ha!). the bad thing is, i just don’t know the dating rules and will start treating this new man like someone I’ve been in a relationship for years. for instance, i’ll call WHENEVER i want to tell you something (even if you haven’t answered the last 3 calls…maybe you’re busy, i’m not being worrisome i really just need to tell you about these awful tugboats someone was wearing as shoes) and if you don’t answer the calls i’ll go through a series of questions. “maybe he doesn’t like me.” “i knew i shouldn’t have texted him first last week” “he thinks I’m too clingy” “am i too clingy?” etc. i don’t understand why everything has to be a game. why can’t it just be “hey, i like  you, you like me, lets make this thing do what it do” instead we have to play games so that we always have the upper hand. if he texts you back 45 min. later, you have to wait 3 hours. if he responds 4 hours later, oh well then you’ll have to wait until next week to send a “how have you been?” message. it’s just all too much.

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