how much does it cost?

i was watching tv with my brother earlier this morning, and a commercial came on. the commercial consisted of this young girl (she may have been a teenager) and she gave a wrapped gift to a man who it is safe to assume was her father. he opened the gift and…

inside of the box was a cell phone inside of a purple case. i asked my brother “did she just give him a purple phone?” the commercial continued and the next scene was everyone at dinner and the girl was interacting with her family (laughing, talking, etc.) now at first sight this could have seems like a sweet gesture. giving up your cell phone so that you can be more than just physically present. of course my brother being the naturally critical person that he is, pointed out that it’s sad that something as easy as taking a pause from checking your crush’s snap chat and instagram is being praised as above average consideration.

okay. i said all of that to say this! how much does it really cost us to put our phones down?! as a culture we have become so obsessed with posting our every move on social media and checking everyone else’s every move that we forget to actually live our life in the now. i have been working as a hostess for the last few months and every time i walk around the restaurant 95% of the patrons are on their phone. are we really that disconnected from human interaction?

girls-on-their-phoneeven when we do look up to acknowledge the person we are with what do we do? we show them the latest funny meme on our phone, laugh about it, and then become consumed once again. now listen, i know i’m guilty! i will admit that i am low-key OBSESSED with snap chat (if you’re on it follow me @kdotvann…see look at me! i need an intervention) but from time to time it is okay to just talk to the person in front of you and really enjoy their company without having to let the world know how much fun you’re having.


2 thoughts on “how much does it cost?

  1. With so many different apps being “vital” to our everyday lives, cellular addiction is disguised as cellular necessity. As with any type of innovation how we use the new technology ultimately affects how we let the technology control us. We are glowing screen slaves. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s modern. That why we use it, and I doubt it will change. I do feel that we can be a little nostalgic and pen a friend. I think receiving a hand written letter from a friend definitely has its own significance in today’s electronic society.


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