meet me at the water cooler

this is the place that consumes most of your time. when you’re there, you’re there, and when you’re not there, you’re THERE. this is the workplace. most of us (unless you’re unemployed, and if you are and still thriving…more power to you! TEACH ME!) but anyway, most of us spend a majority of our time either at work or thinking about work. so it is not uncommon for workplace relationships to form. some of them are platonic and others may be romantic. my question to you in cyberland, would you or would you not date a coworker? although i haven’t had a “crush” on a coworker since high school (and that was the cashier at register 6), i still look at some coworkers differently because i work with them than i would if i saw them out in the real world. so why is it that we become involved with people we work with? i have a theory…we get in these relationships for either one of three reasons.

  1. they see us at our best and worst. (when we get a new outfit or a new hairstyle, also when we are down in the dumps they can lend us a listening ear)
  2. availability (we are guaranteed to see them everyday–my favorite part lol)
  3. common ground conversation (a lot of times our mates are in completely different career fields and makes difficult for conversation)

what if it doesn’t work out?

  • the workplace becomes an awkward minefield. (avoid AVOID AVOID)
  • they might air your dirty laundry and now your coworkers know that weird thing you do with your toes…
  • coworkers will start choosing sides and will become more involved in your relationships to come (so who are you dating now?)

9 thoughts on “meet me at the water cooler

  1. Reason #2 would probably be a negative for a few. I’m aware that in the beginning everything is new and fresh [so being in each other’s faces all the time may seem harmless or even romantic], but eventually there’s going to be a day where you DO NOT want to see that face our hear that voice. Call me crazy, but I’m all for the “I’ve-missed-you kisses”. You can’t miss someone that you see 5/6days a week. It’s like eating your FAVORITE candy every single day… (😩Now I want candy)

    To be continued…

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  2. Ohh No, I could not date in the workplace. I’ll need my own space at sometime during the day. Can’t be around him at work and at home too.

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  3. Love this! I’ve never dated a coworker….that I remember. Welp if I forgot then it wasn’t major anyway. But I don’t think I ever would. I would rather flirt with the IDEA of dating them, knowing that if it did happen it would probably ruin my fantasy lol. Seeing them everyday would be my fave part too. It’s fun to have something at work to look forward to, I’m sure 😊

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    • LOL yeah I bet the idea is probably a little more exciting then the actual reality. Knowing where he is at all times during the day I would get ZERO work done because I would be too busy grabbing him booty!


  4. Interesting topic…I think relationships at work can work as long as both people are mature about it. It can be awkward if it doesn’t work out but if both parties are mature, I’m sure they can make it work. It would definitely make work a little more fun and exciting…especially at the beginning of the relationship. I don’t think it’s nothing wrong with seeing your boo at work, that’s who you want to see more than anyone else anyway, why not? Maybe you should try it with one of those guys you look at differently at your job…I don’t think it would be a bad idea…


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