halo braid :)

sooo for NYE i tried to do something different with my hair! a halo braid! i started by washing my hair. here are the products i use to wash it. I have been using this combination for about aIMG_8073 month or two now and i love it! i thought it would be difficult giving up shampoo, but surprisingly it’s not! after co-washing my hair i did a deep condition. (now…the perfectly coiled naturalistas will tell you to deep condition once a week, but i only deep condition when i remember to. i need to do better)


these are the products that i used. i sectioned my hair into four sections. sprayed first with diluted apple cider vinegar, then shea moisture hair mask, and sealed with coconut oil. after conditioning each section i put them in two strand twist bantu knots. and a scarf. don’t ask me if i’m an alabama fan…i stole this from my stepmom, i’m a poser! 😦  i LOVE how my hair turned out! look at those baby hurrs!! i kept the scarf on for an hour.


i blow dried my hair (i’m trying not to go a year without putting heat on my hair…i have 8 months to go!) this was the first time i used the shea moisture smooth & repair blow out cream and i really liked how it did! now…i had to go through my hair a few times, but didn’t snap a picture and now my hair is braided so you’ll just have to use your imagination ha!

here is the final product!! i left a few little pieces out and i did hit them with the flat iron…eek! sue me! but i definitely love how my hair turned out! if you need any help with it just drop a comment and i’ll do my very best because ya girl was STRU-GA-LIN to get it right!



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