call me maybe

ok. so there are 8, 567, 193 rules to dating, but i still struggle every single day because i don’t know ANY of them! am i calling too much? am i not calling enough? should i send the first text message even though i sent the first message last time? how far in advance can you make plans with someone you’re not in a relationship with without seeming like a complete lunatic? (these are all real questions that i have, so if you have any insight…please feel free to share!)

i’ll share a little from my personal life.

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Tried a new place for brunch today… “Another Broken Egg” The food was YUM!! Although they didn’t have the always welcome, brunch essential, bottomless mimosas, the food made up for the absence of bubbly orange juice. I definitely recommend it whenever you’re in the Atlanta area!

  Beignets 😋 

Lobster & Brie omelette 😫🙌🏽

perm rods

Sooo after being a tad bit trifling for the past 3 weeks I finally decided to wash my hair. I hadn’t done perm rods in a while so that was my style of choice. I’m not a hair expert by ANY means, but I wanted to share with you the products I used and the results I got. 🙂


I used lotta body “Wrap Me” foaming mousse and Denman brush when rolling my hair. (this took me roughly two hours…so make sure you have your favorite pandora radio station playing in the background. It makes time go a little faster lol)


ta da! (I seriously put this shirt on and applied makeup soley for this picture…sick right? I know)


I let my hair air dry for about 5-6 hours and then sat under the dryer on low heat for an additional hour. (I literally did NOTHING the whole day. Just watched my White Collar and waited for my hair to dry.) Of course you can opt to sit under the dryer the whole time or let it fully air dry. Up to you baby boo!


this is after I took the perm rods out.


VOILA!! I separated each curl about 6-7 times with coconut oil covered hands. 😉  this was my first time using Lotta Body foaming mousse and I LOVE it! It doesn’t flake and smells AMAYZANG!!


look at you. reading my first blog post and stuff. i want to personally thank you for taking out time and supporting me! (even if you’re only trying to be nosy…) i can’t promise the most interesting blog you will ever read, but i can promise you my raw opinions and  a few laughs. 143.IMG_1208