really i’m the plug

when do you pull the muthaeffin plug on a relationship?  okay maybe that was a tad bit extreme, but serious question. why do we stay in mediocre “okay” relationships that aren’t fulfilling us in any way?! everyone has their own excuse…what have been some of yours? here are mine.

  1. scared (afraid of getting back out there and starting over)
  2. comfortable (you KNOW this person…why would you want to go back to the “what’s your favorite color?” conversations? exactly. sounds terrible)
  3. change (maybe they will change…let me just give them a few more days, weeks, months, YEARS)
  4. love (*cues tina turner montage* what’s love got to do, got to do with it?? what’s love! but a second hand emotion!)
  5. lust (but they have such a cute tush!! and magical lip locks!)
  6. investment (time…the one thing you can never get back…well that and your middle school waistline *cries*)

truth is YOU are the plug…don’t wait until they leave you because 9/10 they won’t. sometimes we have to unplug ourselves from these amateur relationships. if they aren’t fulfilling and making you a better person then ABANDON SHIP. don’t get me wrong, i am not a relationship specialist, i am telling myself all of this while i type but i am very familiar with run-of-the-mill garden variety lovers. [thanks musiq soulchild] let me know what you think…do you have any experience with not so great relationships that lasted weeks, months, or years when you really should have just left them at the bar sipping their long island and walked away?

7 thoughts on “really i’m the plug

  1. People lack “true” honesty. I think relationships should be based on pleasing the other and some people are scared to voice what they may be lacking due to the other person (how they might take it or due to the fact that they feel like things won’t change or maybe even the fear that the other person may feel like you are asking too much). When you accept mediocrity what do you expect to get in return?


    • Thank you for your feedback!! I agree with what you said about people being scared to voice their opinion…enough people don’t talk about the issues that really bother them. So they never find out if their significant other can change.


  2. You have to become best friends with your lover first! That should be the base of any relationship, FRIENDSHIP! My wife and I can talk about anything. We talk about what we don’t like about each other without getting offensive we just make the necessary adjustments. Being real and upfront with each other from the get go is a recipe for a lasting relationship.


    • I definitely agree with having an amazing friendship before choosing to move on to the next level. it just sets a strong foundation for me. thank you for your feedback lundy!


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