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Who’s tried online dating? *raises hand* It’s not the taboo like it once was! Yes there are still risks involved, as whenever you met a complete stranger. But more and more people are like you and me! (if you are a psycho killer who likes to eat their victims then I am not referring to you, but I do still thank you for taking the time out to read my blog! I LOVE YOU! Don’t kill me.)I think I convinced myself to join an online dating community because I could download the app and peruse at my leisure. I have a good arsenal of friends who have used a site, using a dating app, or should be the next spokesperson for tinder. I decided to ask them a few questions. Their responses are below.

I posed the same question to Why did/do you use a dating site/app?

“I be bored.”

“I was lonely, and bored” (she heard the first person’s response)

“At first my friends were on it, and I was curious as to how it worked.”

“Idk I heard it was an app to hook up with girls.”

“Networking to get in them draws. Network by day, draws by night” (LOL)

“Looking for companionship”

so once you’ve decided to take the leap into the cyber dating world there can be some downfalls.

  • Swiping left on a cuties. (dang it! He was cute!)
  • Shorty swing my way! (just kidding you must be this tall to ride this ride)
  • Accidental swipe on a not so cutie. (waaaait come back! L)
  • Running out of swipes in the area. (yes, this happens, when you go swipe crazy and the app has no others for your overzealous self)
  • Match overload
  • NO MATCHBACK! (I swiped right on you with confidence and the app just pulled up the next available bachelor HA!)
  • Sadie Hawkins or nah?! (so who is going to message who first? Because I’m not)
  • Timestamp (you haven’t responded to my message, but you were just on 37 seconds ago. Aw ok!)
  • Swiping on a woMAN (I would not believe it was real life until I saw it myself. My friend swiped right on a “girl” before reading that “she” was transitioning. BAHAHA)
  • The “never do this” girls (we all know the girls who never do a dating site, but they on dates “back to back”)
  • Are Ju Natasha? (am I who?! Soddy wrong person! You are not who was in that picture. I thought I was getting Mr. Peterson, not Mr. Patel!)


1 out of 3 relationships these days are formed over the internet, and i know we have all seen those commercials “i met my mate on eHarmony!” matches are being made out here people! i would definitely recommend dating online if you just aren’t the type to get out there and mingle or if you’re new to an area. my problem with online dating was that i wouldn’t meet up with the people! lol crazy right? i would message with them, but as soon as they would ask me out i would quit responding. i don’t know why, since i’m such an outgoing person…it just didn’t work for me. let me know about your online dating experience! 🙂

2 thoughts on “cyber bae

  1. I agree with the online dating thing. I tried it because I don’t get out as much anymore. The scene isn’t what use to be and neither is dating. What I find is these apps are extremely shallow and there seems to always be a hidden agenda of some sort.

    Honesty is expensive and people have chosen to tell you things you want to here instead of what you need to hear. I can see how dating online could be intimidating. The risk of not knowing if the person looks like his/her photos. There are ways to get those answers. Just ask to FaceTime, glide, tango, Skype, etc.

    My other issue is trying to find the energy to date several people at one time. You have several days of communication through the app with eventual people but when you meet up, you ask the same questions. Unfortunately that’s frustrating to me because it shows me that you were paying attention (but I get it).

    Very good blog homie!
    Keep it up


    • i completely agree with you about the video chatting. it’s definitely a lot easier to make sure that you aren’t being ‘catfished’ if a person constantly refuses then that can be a sure fire sign that they may not be who they claim to be. and i always wondered how serial daters do it! i barely have enough time for one let alone multiple people. i’m a believer that you can’t really get to know who a person is if you’re always talking/meeting/matching new people.


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