20 somethings

i am a 26 year old. i’ve been gainfully employed as an educator for 3 years, and i am very much single. is this where i thought i would be at this age? Ummm NO! I had my whole life planned out by the age of 18. i would go to college, meet the love of my life, get married when i graduated, travel the globe, and begin procreating. only one of those things has happened thus far. i met the love of my life, but well…it’s complicated.

The point is that we all have this grand idea of how we think our life is going to play out, until life hits us with the “yeah…right! Plot twist!” and eff’s everything up! Here is my take on us 20 somethings. This is the time for us to explore the world, make mistakes, meet people, laugh, save up all the money we can just to blow it on an international trip. Life is about experiences at this point, change career paths, and then change again. I have been in the same profession my whole career and have recently got accepted into a graduate program that is going to allow me to do something completely different and i’m SO very excited. It’s okay to make mistakes, should you continue to make the same mistakes? Well…no, but some are okay. (except drugs…please don’t ever do drugs! PUHHHLEASE!!) go on a road trip with your closest friends without a set destination, join a coed kickball team. Just have fun! Find hobbies that you enjoy and give them 100%. I am planning on joining a kickball team…if you’re in the Atlanta area and want to get some exercise while simultaneously laughing at my lack of hand-eye coordination then hit me up! J enjoy your twenty something life! Do what makes you happy every single day. Don’t look up one day 10-15 years from now and have a list of “should haves”. love all of you, and thank you again for taking the time out to read my blog!

6 thoughts on “20 somethings

  1. 20 somethings…my oh my! Of course I had my life planned out perfectly and HECK NO this is not where I expected to be but hey you have to make the best of those detours because they certainly work out for the better!! 😘

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