5 ways to keep your new years resolution

over the past week i have seen so many people attending vision board parties and talking about what they want to “leave in 2015.” i think setting goals is a great idea. here are 5 ways i hope will help you not only set, but keep and achieve our goals for this year and the years to come. 🙂 

  1. set realistic goals
  • choose goals that are feasible for you to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to discourage, but trying to become the first astronaut on the planet Pluto by the end of the year MIIIIGHT be a stretch. A lot of times we will create these outlandish goals for ourselves, and if we fall short of those goals we feel like a failure. When you set a goal and do not achieve that goal in the allotted time you think reasonable it’s okay! Just look back and reevaluate what you can do to get better. Don’t give up!
  1. have a team of people who will encourage and hold you accountable.
  • what is a team? A group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. This is essential. Have you ever heard the phrase “you are the company you keep”? it sounds so cliché but it’s so important that we are cognizant of who we let in to our personal space and lives. We need an essential team who will not only remind us of our goals, but also of our failures. Sometimes we are always on the go and lose sight of where we want to end up. For instance, have you ever set the goal to start exercising? “I’ll start on Monday” one Monday turns into 2 Mondays, and 2 Mondays turns into 8 months. Having someone to keep reminding you of the bathing suit you need to fit in by the summer will help! When I say failures I don’t mean they should bring us down, but remind us of where we have come from to help us stay encouraged.
  1. Write it down!!
  • Whether it be on a vision board, in a journal, or even on that old light bill. Write your goals down! This gives you the opportunity to SEE the goals instead of just thinking them. You can also write out a plan on how you can achieve each goal. After you write them down, put them in an actively visible place so that you can see it at any given time. My roommate hangs her “to do list” right by her door frame so that she is reminded of what she has to do every time she walks in and out of her room. I think this is an awesome way to keep your goals fresh on your mind. I like to put sticky notes on my planner. (this was working great until I misplaced my planner ha!) *writes “keep up with planner” down*
  1. Take it one day at a time.
  • we live in a world where everything is accessible at the touch of a screen. You don’t know how many “day 1” gym visits I have had and gone home looking in the mirror like “where are my abs!?” everything great and worth having takes time. Unless you’re soulja boy…then you’re a hip hop sensation over night lol.
  1. Celebrate the little things.
  • If you accomplish a smaller goal reward yourself! Take yourself out to dinner or to that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. Having these little celebrations can help you stay motivated, and excited to achieve the next milestone.


Whatever your goals are this year. Be sure that you are doing what you love and loving what you do! I want all of us to achieve A-MAY-ZANG things this year and the years to come! Stay encouraged! At times I need to stay on my toes too, so please ask me my goals so you can help me stick to them. Love you all! happy new year!!

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