digital girl

we are living in a digital world, and i am a digital girl!

the first form of social media i can remember was AIM.

who remembers this?! what about the dial up?

you were cool if you had AOL and instant messenger. the biggest decision was deciding what your screen name was going to be. i should be embarrassed to share mine with you all but my favorites were: flirtbaby89, hunnibuns89, clarinetkeshia9 (<– that was my first one BAHAHA can you guess what instrument i played?) do you remember how excited you would be when you saw that your crush was online?? i can remember my friends and i staying up until 2-3 in the morning chatting back and forth with people we would see the next day at school. after AIM there was myspace. myspace_2012_original_logomy dad only let me have a myspace for about…3 months before he pulled the plug. he’s a very paranoid man who thought some 45 year old computer geek would catch me up pretending to be a high school basketball superstar lol for the time that i was on it, the hype was finding the perfect background and music for your page. moving along to college, i joined the wonderful world of Facebook. it was so weird to me! i would walk back to my dorm, log on to Facebook, and see i had a friend request from the cute guy who held the door open for me at the UC.facebook i can remember thinking, “i never  gave that man my name! how did he find me on Facebook?” twitter. the best part about twitter was when everyone on my timeline was watching the same show and bec

where hashtags became popular

ame commentators. i got the BEST laughs from twitter.
(except for the #tittytuesday and #thongthursday ugh) next, came instagram. enter the world of memes and selfies. instagram is the easiest way to stalk any and everyone. i will lurk so had i will end up on the page of my ex’s, sister’s, ex fiancé’s, MOM’s page!
liking pictures of her family reunion 82w ago.

instagramnow snap chat. this is my FAVORITO! i was so anti-snapchat because at first it was tabooed to be the “creeper” app. where people send you inappropriate messages because they’ll disappear in 10 seconds. now i love it because i get to share all the random shiggity i do with everyone! (mostly singing, rants, and social outings) and don’t get me started on the cutesy filters! (see previous post)snapchat

each social platform serves different purposes to different people. which has been your favorite? which do you currently use?

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