friend zone level: narnia


Friend zone: (fr-end z-own) verb: when you are in love with someone and they have made you the “dap it up” homie fo life!

So there’s this friend that you do just about everything with! They have seen you in your undies and will comment on a hole in ya draws before they make a pass at you. You screen all your potential baes through this person and they’re your plus one to friendly functions, but you aren’t together. What kind of strange relationship is this? Two. Words. Friend. Zone.


Have you ever been or put someone in the friend zone? It just might single-handedly be the worse place to be…(other than in a beehive covered foot to head in honey) through this post I want to answer the questions: “how do you get in the friend zone?” and “how in the heck do you get out of the friend zone?!?!”


  1. How do you get in the friend zone?
  • Using words like “homie” “bruh” “fam” (‘you: hey you insert hearteyes them: aw whuddup fam!’ what in DA! Did you just ‘fam’ me?!)
  • Giving dating advice (do not call me asking for advice on this tenderoni you met last night at the bar! I don’t want to hear that shiggity!)
  • Respecting personal space TOO much (if you are sitting on the couch next to the person you’ve had a crush on for fifty ‘leven weeks then you should not each have your own arm rest! Scoot ya boot on over and get to cuddling)
  • Going dutch (don’t always pull your wallet out simultaneously. Make it a real date! Keep the wallet up! & don’t you dare offer to cover the tip!—unless that’s ya boo. I’m all about egalitarianism [equal gender roles…just learned this in my grad school reading today Ha!])
  1. How in the heck do you get out of the friend zone?!
  • get bucked naked. (bahahaha I saw this picture of this guy in his tighty whiteys and the caption said “if you want to get out the friend zone, get naked” LOL i really don’t recommend this…I just thought it was funny)
  • don’t stop get it get it! (tell them how you feel! I’m not one to hold my tongue for NATHAN! But you would be surprised how many people will stay in the friend zone because they aren’t expressing how they feel!)
  • start using terms of endearment (call them ‘babe’ one time and see if they cringe…if they don’t then you might be in there! Start using them all willy nilly until they’re forced to tell you you’re just friends lol)

Now if you are in the friend zone and want to get out you have to be prepared for whatever the outcome. Sometimes if you try to get out and they aren’t feeling you the way you’re feeling them it will leave a strain on your relationship. So make sure you’re able to deal with whatever happens. BUUUT there just might be a chance that they been wanting you too! And VOILA! Match made in heaven!

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