oh the places you’ll go!

how many of us are on snap chat?? is it just me, or is anyone else’s favorite part all the different filters that are tailored to your location? after i’ve finished snapping, get to swiping, and see i have a new filter available it’s like christmas! (don’t judge me…i’m a very simple person ha!) over the holidays i traveled to see family and friends and wanted to record all the different filters along the way. here are some of them. 🙂  Continue reading

5 ways to keep your new years resolution

over the past week i have seen so many people attending vision board parties and talking about what they want to “leave in 2015.” i think setting goals is a great idea. here are 5 ways i hope will help you not only set, but keep and achieve our goals for this year and the years to come. 🙂  Continue reading

20 somethings

i am a 26 year old. i’ve been gainfully employed as an educator for 3 years, and i am very much single. is this where i thought i would be at this age? Ummm NO! I had my whole life planned out by the age of 18. i would go to college, meet the love of my life, get married when i graduated, travel the globe, and begin procreating. only one of those things has happened thus far. i met the love of my life, but well…it’s complicated.

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cyber bae

Who’s tried online dating? *raises hand* It’s not the taboo like it once was! Yes there are still risks involved, as whenever you met a complete stranger. But more and more people are like you and me! (if you are a psycho killer who likes to eat their victims then I am not referring to you, but I do still thank you for taking the time out to read my blog! I LOVE YOU! Don’t kill me.) Continue reading