adulting 101

Adulting (v.): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown-ups.

Personally…I suck at adulting. I mean…really suck. What do you mean I have to get another oil change? I just got one 5 months ago! Pay the light bill? EVERY MONTH??? Sometimes I get so annoyed with being an adult I just want to scream. And don’t let a college or high school student come to me complaining about how tough their life is. HA! I have a spare tire on my car RIGHT NOW that I have to replace for $200, and that’s just ONE tire. And here you are complaining about not being able to find an outfit to homecoming. If you don’t go on somewhere! Sometimes being an adult can be overwhelming, and I don’t always handle it in the best way.

What I am about to tell you is very trifling of me and I really don’t recommend anyone do it.

Mailboxes. “Wait a minute Mr. Postman!”

I will avoid checking the mailbox. Because I KNOW there are bills in there and I just don’t want them to ruin my day. Eventually around the time when I think the bills will be do I will check the mail and start rethinking the entire month. I’ll ask myself the most ridiculous questions! “Did you really have to keep the lamp on all night on the 17th? I mean the sun was out that day and everything…you were being frivolous! (Yes…the conversations with myself really get that bad).

Bank Statements. “How much did I spend??”

I will come off of the weekend and won’t check my bank statement. I REALLY don’t recommend doing this! I’ll just keep swiping and avoid my bank statement as if I just have unlimited funds. But when I finally do check it and realize that my weekly allowance is gone and I’ll be surviving off air and a prayer for the next 5 days I curse being an adult to the high heavens. Why oh why did I have to get the unlimited mimosas at brunch on Saturday AND Sunday?! Oh yeah…because this week has been stressing me out…I needed to spend that $36.

Although adulting can be annoying and stressful it does have its perks. Brunch and vacations. Yes. I those are the two things that make all the crazy car maintenance fees, bills, and credit score monitoring worth it.

Happy Adulting!

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