Qaddafi’s Point Guard: The Incredible Story of a Professional Basketball Player Trapped in Libya’s Civil War

Soooo I met this guy about 2 weeks ago…he seemed nice enough. After stalking his instagram and exchanging a few messages I learned that he plays basketball overseas and he is also a published author. Being the nosy little thing I am, I bought and read the book. Below is my review on the book.

Qaddafi’s Point Guard is a phenomenal story that personifies the adage “survival of the fittest.” Upon buying the book I knew minimal information about overseas professional sports and the civil war known as Arab Spring. This book gives a first hand account of what a professional basketball player endured as he navigated his way through the Libyan civil war.  At times my heart broke at the adversity Alex had to undergo, but I couldn’t put the book down! Qaddafi’s Point Guard gives all of those casualties and civilians affected by war, a voice that needs to be heard. Alex’s story is one I have shared countless times with my peers because I am in awe of his strength and perseverance when times seemed irremediable. I would definitely recommend this book again and again to anyone who will listen. Great job Mr. Owumi.

this book took me back to my all star basketball days in 7th grade lol
this book took me back to my all star basketball days in 7th grade lol

Of course I would highly encourage you to buy the book and see for yourself, but if you are in the Atlanta area and would like to borrow my copy just let me know! 🙂

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