r.d.c.: relationship determining conversation

I remember the first time I heard this acronym…I was talking to my friend Julie about my relationship problems and she says, “well have you had an r.d.c. with him yet?” I reply, “r.d.c.? what’s that?” she responds, “you know, a relation determining conversation! that way you can figure out if you two are on the same page or not!” I thought she was a genius! but I still put it off for a few weeks! I be nervous!

you know…why do we as women or even men fear having these necessary conversations with the person we are dating? is it that we fear the other person won’t reciprocate our same feelings? do we feel like that will put us in a state of vulnerability and causes us to lose the upper hand?

truth of the matter is…these conversations have to be had in order to move forward in any and every relationship. you have to set some the ground rules, figure out where you’re going, and determine what you each wish to gain.  as quoted from one of my favorite chick flicks “The Wedding Date”  ‘Every woman has the exact love life she wants.’ I find this especially true because if we want to change our love life then we should do just that! CHANGE! change the way we date, change the conversations we have, change the type of person we attract, and change what qualities we are attracted to. (this doesn’t mean lower your standards by any means…but it means to prioritize what’s truly important. we get caught up in a lot of shallow and physical attributes that we bypass a lot of great people)

if you want a different love life then change!

in the words of Tiffanie Harris, “MOVE AROUND!” 🙂

have the most amazing day! love you all!

5 thoughts on “R.D.C.

  1. That is so true! It is mandatory to have those conversations because if not, you guys literally get nowhere! Then, there’s that guy over there who wants to marry you today!! Lol


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