Tell me again…can we be lovers then friends?

an age old question: “can you be friends with an ex?” I have always been a strong advocate of “YES YOU CAN!” up until recently…I saw my ex this week in all of my shining glory. is this a common thing? no. but I have always welcomed the thought…I mean why not? this is someone who knows me like the back of their hand & who has accepted me flaws & all for as long as who knows. but anyway…back to my question. can you be friends with an ex? yes until it’s no. I just don’t think I can be friends with him. he’s seeing someone and mentioned it to me and it made me feel some type of way *in my rich homie quan voice* it wasn’t until that moment that I understood why so many people are against being friends after lovers. for some it’s an easy transition…for people like me…well let’s just say it might be a while. stay blessed 🙂

tell me your thoughts here!

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