all abroad!!!


this spring break i had the opportunity to travel abroad. i went to Paris ya’ll! *squeals* this was not my first time leaving the country, but it was the definitely the furthest away that i have been…i really enjoyed myself! here are a few helpful tips that i wish i would have thought of BEFORE traveling out of the country. 

  • adapt! no, everyone does not use the same 2 flat, 1 round prong plug. luckily my roomie and her classmate brought some of their own because it never crossed my mind that i wouldn’t be able to “plug in”

    radio shack $7.99
  • so how about this weather?…just because it’s April and in the 70s in Atlanta, doesn’t mean you can pack shorts and sandals. wherever you are traveling be sure to look up the weather so that you can pack accordingly. otherwise you’ll end up spending a lot of extra money on necessities you left at home.
  • bon appétit! everywhere i travel to i am sure to bring a huge appetite! (a little larger than normal…but not much considering i eat like i’m in a contest EVERY meal) one of my favorite things about traveling is getting to experience the various cuisines. every place has their own unique twist on food, and i love them all!

    single handedly the best thing i tasted in all of France lol (i was AMAZED)
  • my checked bag has to be how many lbs?? there is nothing worse than putting your checked bag on that scale and it’s 15lbs over the limit. leave extra room in your suitcase because face it, you’re in a new place and will most likely do some shopping. whether it some cute suede bell bottoms from a thrift store, or a shot glass from the souvenir shop. i told myself that i wasn’t going to do much shopping and ended up coming back with…well more than “not much” lol
  • euros, pounds, yen, dollar dollar bills ya’ll. look into the currency that the other country uses, and whether or not they will accept your american express. i waited until the day i left to exchange my dollars for euros. i paid over $150 in fees to exchange the money only to find out i could have just used my debit card. do your research! foreign money
  • plane, train, or automobile. one of the biggest expenses i have found when traveling, whether abroad or stateside is transportation. how am i going to get from point a to point b. will you be taking the tube (train), taxi, or the worldwide sensation uber? all of these rides add up, and it would be a good idea to create a budget solely for transportation costs.
  • neck roll & blankie. i sweat to you, a neck roll was the BEST decision that i have ever made! it saved my LIFE! i just want everyone to go out right now after you read this post and go buy one! lol they’re amazing. a blanket is a good idea too, you already have to be in a cramped seat, might as well be comfy and cozy.

i hope that some or all of these tips were helpful! if you have another tip that i didn’t mention please comment below! i would love to hear from you!

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” – Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You’ll Go!

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