okay…i met this guy (he’ll be A) a few weeks ago while out at a day party. seemed like a pretty good person, funny, cute, you know, the usual. he’s pretty big on the club scene so for the next few weeks my friends and i tag along to a couple of events. we talk pretty regularly about various topics & seem to enjoy each others conversation and time. well…one day he invites my friend and i out to party. (not uncommon) when we get there i run into another guy (we’ll call him B) i met roughly 3 years ago. i was excited to see him because i hadn’t in about 2 years! so we we catch up and fill each other in on what’s happened for the last 730 days of our lives, and after talking to B, A comes up to me and accuses me of trying to “get” with B. well this is just ludicrous because i have known B for years and nothing has come of it. so i assure him that this is not the case and the night goes on. about an hour later A pulls me aside again and calls me out on trying to get B’s number. i remind him that i have known B for 3 years and we have had each other’s number for a while now. he storms off and i return to my friend. 5 minutes later A walks by me and YELLS “Keshia don’t ever call me!” now listen. i could not believe what just happened! lol not to mention another patron at the bar looks to me and says, “now Keshia, don’t ever call him again.” at this point i have a look of HORROR on my face while my friend is laughing uncontrollably. ok, there is a point to this. IF you are NOT in a relationship…what boundaries should you respect when out with a friend?

2 thoughts on “boundaries!

  1. Was I that friend laughing? Cause I def would be! He sounds like a toddler. If he has “trust issues” now they’ll only get worse once ya’ll become official (if ya’ll became official). Either way, you’re a beautiful girl he’ll always have competition!


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