Dear Table 7

Dear Table 7,

I would like to inform you personally on how the reception went in celebration of Sekeitha & Blake Osborne. Although I only know you as the typed names on the table directory, I feel somewhat responsible for filling you in on the amazing time you missed out on. Our table was located directly in front of the DJ booth. It would have allowed us to get our karaoke on all afternoon long, as well as be the first to put our song requests in. Don’t worry, I made enough requests for all 9 of you. I was sure to include a mixture of new & old school songs. The menu consisted of an assortment of baked breads, salad, your choice of either: four cheese ravioli, pesto Alfredo sauce with grilled chicken, tomatoes & basil salmon, lemon & herbs, for dessert you could have chosen between: NY cheesecake, apple crostata, or wedding cake. Now originally I was going to go for the salmon, but opted for the pesto instead (I love me some pesto! Lol) & for dessert I indulged in both the apple crostata and wedding cake. (Listen. I wasn’t planning on having double dessert, but with the lack of communication to the person to the left, right, or front of me I had no choice, but to keep eating. The bride & the groom were the cutest couple you ever did see. The sheer elation on their faces was enough to bring a tear to your eyes. Their first dance was endearing & playful. The groom may or may not have had two left feet…but that’s okay! If you were here you could have came to your own conclusion. I do want to thank you my dearest table 7. You single handedly pushed my social skills to the limit & forced me to become friends with the photographer, DJ, and wait staff. We have made plans for next weekend. LOL all in all I had a great time, but next time…just let a sister know sum!! 

Love & Light 

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