taste the difference

a coworker of mine asked me if i could open up a discussion asking how people feel about dating a smoker. whether it be hookah, cigarettes, or cannabis. are there certain rules and stipulations?

i’m guilty of indulging in hookah from time to time, but i personally strongly prefer not to date someone who rolls fatties and smokes squares. what about you?

frosted flake dater

in this day and age it is very common for single people to date multiple people at a time. while everyone has their own definition of “dating” this is mine. dating is when you are getting to know someone before deciding to be in a monogamous committed relationship. so for those who choose to be “frosted flake daters” or “serial” daters reaching the point of being with one person may seem far, and i mean FAR in the future. there are many reasons why someone may choose to date multiple people, fear of putting all of their eggs in one basket, not wanting a serious relationship, or thinking that they’re going to miss out on something better.

  • we have all heard the adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” what does this mean for dating? well it means that you spend all of your time getting to know this one person and if things don’t work out, well you’re back to square one asking the “so, what do you like to do for fun?” question. personally i don’t think that you can truly get to know someone if you are constantly dating other people. one guy gave a good analogy. he said dating is like being in a ship. you can either choose to have life boats (back up plans) or trust that the ship you’re in is stable enough to not need them.
  • what is the big frigging deal with just getting your butt in a relationship?! if i had a half dollar for every time i heard a guy say “naw we aren’t together, we’re just talking” i would probably have close to twenty-five WHOLE dollars! lol but you get my drift. people promote “building a team” and wanting to have multiple people in their inbox. that is more exhausting to me that it is to just focus on one person. it’s like being in a relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) is the new husband/wife. just get in a relationship, you might mess around and be…yes i’m about to say it…HAPPY.
  • grass ain’t greener on the other side pleighboy & pleighgirl. both men and women have the issue of not wanting to commit to a relationship because they don’t want to miss out on something better coming along. let me let you in on a little secret. you will be searching forever if you hold on to the idea that someone funnier, more attractive, and a better cook is just around the corner if you just hold out. i hate to be so cliche and incorporate social media into this, but SM doesn’t help encourage someone to commit to one person. its so easy to log in and see all these “wonderful” people living these “amazing” lives. we get enticed and pulled into the fantasy and tell ourselves, if i could just meet that person i’m sure i’ll be willing to settle down. the downside to this way of thinking is while they very well might be great people, there will always be someone who can and will catch our eye if we are always waiting on the next big thing.

do you suffer from singleforever-itis? are you a frosted flake dater? why or why not?