girlfriend 1b

A young woman is dating a guy who has a girlfriend…yes, you read that right…this man is walking around the city of Atlanta with two girlfriends. I know what some of you are thinking, “nah she just a side chick”, but after careful evaluation a friend and I have decided to label her as “Girlfriend 1b.” What does this title mean exactly? Well it means that she is out here getting her bills paid, dates, and regular sleepovers. Both she and the other girl get the perks of being this man’s girlfriend. She says she doesn’t have an end goal for their relationship in mind and she is handling this situation day-by-day…but for now, she says that she has never been happier, and doesn’t want things to change any time soon.

This leads me to these questions: Why do women voluntarily enter relationships with men who have already committed to another woman? Wouldn’t you want your significant other to be solely committed to you, and you alone? Don’t you have a problem sharing? If you don’t see an issue with dating someone in a relationship why not just form a friendship with the other girl and get your “Lou Will” on?!

Please feel free to comment if you have had any first or second hand experience with this. (I know a lot some of you may have been in this situation before, and don’t want to admit it…so you can always say “I have this friend who…” no judgement!)


tiffanie has become an irreplaceable best friend to me. now we are both very opinionated people so we tend to bump heads sometimes, but we are always able to agree to disagree and move on. i am so very proud of the young woman that she is becoming.fullsizerender once she sets her mind on a goal she will not stop until she reaches it. i have never met someone who really loves and feels for people, even those who she doesn’t have a personal relationship with. at first i had all this shiggity typed up about how we met, how i made her become my friend, but after reading all of the statements from her other loved ones, i wiped the tears from my eyes, and decided not to include my thoughts at the risk of sounding bias. as you’ll read, she is very much loved. Continue reading