tiffanie has become an irreplaceable best friend to me. now we are both very opinionated people so we tend to bump heads sometimes, but we are always able to agree to disagree and move on. i am so very proud of the young woman that she is becoming.fullsizerender once she sets her mind on a goal she will not stop until she reaches it. i have never met someone who really loves and feels for people, even those who she doesn’t have a personal relationship with. at first i had all this shiggity typed up about how we met, how i made her become my friend, but after reading all of the statements from her other loved ones, i wiped the tears fromΒ my eyes, and decided not to include my thoughts at the risk of sounding bias. as you’ll read, she is very much loved. πŸ™‚


“Tiffanie is a very genuine, down to earth, understanding, hard working, outgoing, & blunt person. She will help you if she is able if she knows you’re trying your best in anything you do. She is just a sweet person and I love her for free.” -Shinera

“She is a friend to me, my cousin, my partner in crime.img_1262She is one of the most sweetest people I know. She will push you to go forward and is always a listening ear. She will not let you get the last word lol but she always has my back. She is wonderful inside and out.” -Kris



“Tiffanie…TiffanieAnn I call her lol definition of a true friend no matter the cause! Always there when you need her whether for advice, ride, babysitter, etc. Such a good person but an even better woman with such high spirits.img_1263 I admire her in ways lots of people wouldn’t understand. She is a great role model for young girls especially mine. I love her so much!! Thanks TiffanieAnn for being apart of my life and such an AWESOME FRIEND!” -NuNu




“Good friends are like stars…you may not always see them, but you know they’re there. Tiffanie is that star that you want in your corner. She’s the strong, motivational light that’s always pushing you, guiding you, and protecting you. The star who’s light shines even in its roughest hour. The one friend who has never tried to dim my destiny, but allow us to glisten together. img_1261I’ve had a front row seat to the evolution of you, and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Continue to strive; for your ambitious attitude and outgoing personality will always serve as motivation to many. I love you.” -Nat

“Ever since I met this lady in 2007 she’s worked my nerves, but I’ve loved her every inch of the way. Tiffanie is a fighter and one of the most determined people I know. She’s the person to call for solid advice even though it’s probably never what you wanna hear. If you need it, you can have it, even if it’s her last. Our friendship has been through a lot over the past 9 years but through it all she’s a person that I can always depend on. She’s funny, smart, and grateful for the smallest thing she’s given. We don’t talk everyday, but I know when we do it will be something that I’ve been missing.” -LEW

“When I think of Tiffanie T. Harris so many things come to mind…work ethic, ambition, caring, loving, will to win, endurance, strong minded, stubbornness, but most of all…determination! I’ve been blessed enough to be apart of her life for the past 3 years and I can honestly say that it has been simply amazing! Good days and bad days! She brings great joy and happiness to my life fullsizerenderas well as others! Always pushing me,Β as well as her peers, to be the very best we can be! Very outgoing she is! Being shy will get you put on the spot with her lol Truly the life of the party if I must say so myself! Tiffanie recently graduated from the Nursing Program at Tennessee State University and that alone was a very trying journey for her, but she made it through! There were so many times where she wanted to give up but she kept going and it all paid off for her and we are extremely proud of her! She didn’t let it break her and that just goes to show how strong of a person she is! I could go on and on about this beautiful woman, but I’ll put an end to it right here!” -Jason

One thought on “t.t.h.

  1. Ok, ok thanks for making me cry Kesh!! 😒 Lol you know I think I’m built tough like Ford! OMG! I don’t know the words to express how grateful and honored I am to have such wonderful people in my corner!! And to know that these very important people in my life have such great things to say about me is rewarding!! Words will never be able to express how much I love you all and appreciate the support! I know I get on every last one of y’all’s LAST nerve πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, but thank you all for accepting me for me!!! 😘😘😘


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