“the toughest part of a DIET isn’t watching what you eat. it’s watching what other people eat.”

this is probably the single most hated word in the English language. (well it might just be tied with the word “friend zone” lol) as I scroll my social media one of the hippest trends these days is getting body image obsessed and being the “best you”! now don’t get me wrong…I have definitely fallen victim to extreme dieting and having those “this WILL be the summer that I get my life together and look like hallie berry in james bond, but unfortunately, by lunch time I am over it, and have left work on my lunch break to get burger king. (FAIL)

consistency- realizing that the results you want may not come in a week, two weeks, or even 4 weeks, but that you have to keep pushing anyway.

control those portions!

being okay with falling off the wagon (its okay to have a cheat meal here and there…the moment you start to feel deprived is when you lose your mind, pull up at the nearest krispy kreme, and tell yourself you’ll get it together next year)

have an accountability partner- have a friend who will be an encouraging confidant who reminds you to keep pushing towards your end goal.

3 things to consider when working towards a better you!

  1. set a realistic goal. I have the bad habit of setting these outlandish goals such as: “I am going to lose 15lbs by friday!” keep in mind that I will say this on a Wednesday…I can’t lose 15lbs in 2 months, let alone 2 days.
  2. make a plan. one thing that has helped me into becoming a healthier version of myself is planning out my meals. I am a FOODIE. and when I say foodie…I mean…food is…well my everything! falling right in line behind the Lord and my family lol (it’s a problem) anyway! I started out by meal prepping my lunches, then I realized that I would plan my lunch, but by the time I got home I was making poor dinner choices because I’m tired and not in the mood to cook. for the past few weeks I have been meal prepping both lunch and dinner. that way when I get home I already had a premade meal. not only does meal prepping save money, but it also ensures you’re making good choices throughout the day.
  3. get moving! you don’t have to go run a marathon tomorrow, but get your body moving! you can do something as simple as speed walking around your neighborhood for 20 minutes a day (3xs a week)

helpful quotes from people i consider reliable sources lol
“change your mindset. replace the word “diet”with “lifestyle”. dieting has a quick fix connotation. there is not timeframe when you are considering a lifestyle change. ask yourself this question: “do i want to look good in a bikini this summer?” or “do i want to look good in a bikini for the next 10 summers?” stop comparing yourself to people you see on social media. connect with someone you see on an everyday basis. eat foods that have a maximum of 5 ingredients (read the labels!) look for hidden sugars & sodium. (keep in mind this man is a vegan) don’t set a time limit on your lifestyle change.”

Ed Dunn; personal trainer;

ig: @edmybodyfit dunndealfitness}


“You can have a cheat day. There will be times you feel like you’re STARVING and the light meals just don’t ease your appetite, but stay strong. Eat more fruit, nuts (almonds), vegetables also help you feel a little more full.”

Chris Lewis; Cornerback Cincinnati Bengals

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