family matters…or does it?


you’re in a flourishing and fulfilling relationship, the two of you are discussing long term life goals, your innermost fears, and spending the rest of your lives together…but there’s one problem, your family doesn’t like them. so what do you do?

if you have never been stuck between this rock and hard place, then consider yourself lucky.i posed the question “does your family have an influence on who you date?” (i.e. will you be with someone who your family isn’t a fan of?) the majority of the responses were, for lack of better words, i date who i wanna date because i do what i want! lol now in my opinion, at the end of the day your family is your family and they (usually) have your very best interest at heart, so of course their opinion will be given SLIGHT consideration…

one way to avoid negative family opinions…DONT TELL THEM SHIGGITY ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. lol i know how easy it is to vent to family members about how lil ray ray did you wrong, but DON’T DO IT. most families will hold on to that information for dear life! on the other end of the spectrum, for some it might be very difficult to be with someone who isn’t liked by their family. especially if you’re apart of a close knit family who gathers for any and every function. it could cause for an awkward situation.

here is my ultimate take on it, only you know what is best for you. whether or not your family is your significant other’s number one fan, you have to live with that person day in and day out. and if the two of you end up tying the knot, they’re the one whose job it is to see about you 24/7. no member of your family is given that same responsibility past a certain point in your life, and more often than not, families will eventually come around…so just keep taking lil ray ray to all the birthdays, holidays, and your little cousin’s tee ball games! lol

tell me your thoughts here!

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