good, bad, ugly

you know the saying “love them through the good, bad, and ugly”? well i got to thinking about this phrase today…and I’ve come to the conclusion that love is hardly never even 70% sunshine and rainbows. there’s a reason why there are two negative adjectives in that phrase…and i believe that it’s because the bad and ugly are what make love such a powerful emotion. yes it’s great to have the sweet times of laughter and shared experiences, but it’s the bad and ugly that make the two of you stronger.

the deepest love i have ever felt for a man was not because of what he could buy me, or what vacation he could take me on. it was the fact that when i got an irritating pimple below my butt cheek (yes i get those! i guess it’s the silver lining to never being caught with a pimple on my face lol) he would excitedly pop it because he knew how much it annoyed me. or when he made sure to hold my hair back while i wretched from eating a pasta that disagreed with my stomach. or even engaging in a back and forth argument with me. (call me crazy, but i do believe that only someone who really loves you will go back and forth with you about something as silly as a social media post haha)


first love the bad and ugly, and the good will be a super extra bonus! (like extra french fries in the bottom of your fast food bag)

tell me your thoughts here!

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