With 1/3 of relationships starting online these days I decided to do a small social experiment with online dating. I joined Tinder to gain insight to the male online dating experience. In my bio I was sure to note that I am a blogger and have only joined for the stories. The responses I got were pretty interesting….

[So for those who are not familiar with Tinder, it only consists of 5 pictures with a place for a brief bio. Allowing viewers to swipe either left or right. If both of you have swiped right on each other then, “It’s a Match!” will pop up and this will open the line of communication.]

Ok. So. After joining, I just started swiping right on any and everybody! Lol and once the messages started flooding in (because ya girl is fine! Lol just kididng) I started to chat. Most guys would ignore my bio completely and ask, “What are you up to this weekend?” & others would say that they don’t have any dating stories, but would like to get to know me anyway. (neither of these wouldn’t get responses) then there were a few who, after finding out that I seriously have only joined for a blog topic decided to unmatch me, thus closing the window of communication. Lol (in your feelings much?!) there were a good amount of guys who did share their dating stories with me and for that I’m grateful! Here are a few…













It’s ROUGH out here in the dating world ya’ll! if you got someone then KEEP them because this single life is not what ya want! I want to hear your dating stories! feel free to comment of email them to me! kvann1989@gmail.com!  have an awesome day & happy dating! 🙂

8 thoughts on “TINDERoni!

  1. The thing is we have programmed our minds to pursue perfection when we can only be perfect through God. Most people look for a relationship (especially with women) a guy that does it all, has it all , and can do it all.
    I’ve done my own study and I’ve learn that this way of thinking starts from a young age from how relationships are Portrayed from Disney movies to teen movies to love stories. Really the pursuit of it ,is just that , a pursuit. Not to be religious or anything but even in the Bible it talk about good and bad days and how to be prepared for the bad because they do come .
    Where we go wrong is teaching kids at a young age that love is perfect , relationships are perfect with a certain stereotype kind of guy or girl. Therefore once we develop as a person , grow up and consider ourselves grown ,our perception of how it really goes as far a relationship is tainted , ruined, and destroyed. The truth of the matter is the only true love is with god ,and if u can use his love as a guide or example of love then you will truly have it . Love is patient, so when the one you love one is lacking in an area , are u patient with them. Love is unconditional, so when you see a flaw in your lover do you just leave. See when you love through God he always show you yourself before you see others , for example. Girl” I’m so tired of him leaving tooth paste on sink” God ” yeah but you leave hair products in yours”. I know it’s a lame example but I hope you get the point, which is that everyone has flaw including the one that point them out. True love can work through flaw and sees the best of a person. 🙏🏾✌🏾️

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    • Wow! That’s an awesome response! I definitely agree with you when you say that we are initially programmed to believe that the love of our life will be perfect, but it is our job as we get older & wiser to understand that perfection is unobtainable. We all have our own set of issues and the goal is to find someone who can deal with ours as well as us deal with theirs.


  2. I absolutely love it Keshia! Such a great topic of discussion,and insightful for many. Singleness is quite a challenge, because things aren’t so black and white like they used to be in the40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s. The saints stay prayed up is all I can say..😂
    But In the meanwhile I do believe that we over complicate much. We get so deep and so easily and don’t build basic fundamentals like trust, loyalty, honesty,and genuiness. That’s what I mean by basics.
    Not to mention social exposure doesn’t help. Because everywhere you turn somebody is in competition with the next best thing, with squad goals, relationship goals,etc. if we evaluate ourselves and seek for balance instead of perfection we may have a bit more peace with this thing.


    • Thank you so much Britt!! 🙂 I agree with you when you say that everyone is constantly trying to mimic their relationships after others. They don’t always take into consideration all that happens behind the scenes, or evaluate & work on themselves so that they are ready and able to receive that type of relationship.

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