full of ish….

a girlfriend of mine calls me one afternoon and tells me this really crappy story…

so i invited this guy over last night for a little…you know sum sum. well we got to talking and ended up just falling asleep. when i woke up the next morning i realized that i never did get that sum sum and told him that we should do something about it. he agreed, but said that he had to go to the bathroom first. while he was in the bathroom i started to get myself cute for when he came back ya know? i fixed my hair a lil bit, checked my face to make sure my make up wasn’t all over the place. next thing i know, i’m waking up again realizing that this man hadn’t come back yet. so i called out to him and asked if he was still in the bathroom. he replied, “my stomach is messed up” so i thought to myself, “no this man is not taking an ish in my house!” my mood was instantly ruined and i started to get up and get ready for work. he came out the bathroom saying that he wasn’t ready to leave yet, but i told him that he had to go because i had to get ready for work. you are not about to take an ish in my house and think that you’re going to get sum sum!!

ya’ll…just know i laughed SOO extremely hard!!!! LOL it made me think back to undergrad. i had this roommate who would not use the bathroom at all if she had male company over. one time this guy was over for about two hours. as soon as she said goodbye and closed the door behind her she ran to the bathroom to pee and said, “whew i had been holding that in the whole time” wayment…whet?! no way in the absolute world i am going to put myself at risk for a bladder infection because i don’t want a man to hear me using the bathroom.

of course this made for an interesting topic to ask the people around me. so i asked them this question: “how would you feel if the person you’re dating pooped at your house? would it turn you off?”

out of everyone polled:

25% asked “well how long have we been dating?” “if we just met and you’re already taking a dump in my house, then nah, that ain’t cool” “it also depends on how bad it smells” (bahaha) they felt that if they have been seeing the person for a while then it’s okay. also it creates a stronger comfortability level.

45% said that they wouldn’t care one bit. “it’s natural, and unrealistic to assume that people don’t poop.” “i would let them know before i did it though” “as an adult you have things in your bathroom readily available for that situation…candles..plug ins…soap…baby wipes…and air freshener. hell they can take a whole shower if they want to” (just know i hollered)

30% said absolutely not. they wouldn’t poop at someone their dating house, and also they wouldn’t like it if he/she pooped at theirs. “you think you’re just going to poop and then get your poopy butt back in my bed?? nah!” “i would be mortified” “if i had to poop i would just go home” “i am sure to monitor what i eat that day to avoid situations like that”

personally if a guy wants to poop at my house, go for it. if have to poop at your house, i’ll just go! but if you comment on how long i was in the bathroom or anything you smell, we fighting. LOL


tell me your thoughts here!

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