you let them treat you like that

so by show of hands. who has heard the phrase, “guys will treat you how you let them treat you”? i have listened to and spoken these very same words since i realized that boys are pretty cute and started doodling their names in my notebook, planner, iPhone notes, whatever! lol

but as of late, i’ve been thinking…why is it that we as women are blamed for the way we are treated by these men? why is it that we are left taking on responsibility for their poor choices? where is the accountability? how about this…guys will treat you how they WANT to treat you because they are selfish or just plain old jerks. it isn’t fair that women are told, “don’t be too vulnerable” “never let them see you cry” “don’t let him get away with anything, because once you do, he’ll run all over you” WHO CAME UP WITH THIS STUFF?! (i bet it was a man) why can’t we just be our normal selves? whether we are super emotional (as i am) or open about every feeling we feel (as i am lol). it’s almost as if we give these men passes to be buttholes. they take our kindness for weakness, and our trait of understanding for granted. then when they leave us we get the “well you shouldn’t have let him treat you like that, i wouldn’t” ummm no, he should have treated me better…PERIOD.

men, just like women, are perfectly capable of owning up to their actions, and have the ability to right their wrongdoings. i for one refuse to take the blame for how someone else treats me. treat me like crap, then you’re just a crappy person. lol (i’m such an eloquent speaker right?)

tell me your thoughts here!

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