i like to move it move it

so in the past 6 years i have moved approximately 9 times. you would think with those statistics i would be pretty good at it by now…NOT. my efficiency in moving is equivalent to that of a 3rd grader. i absolutely hate it…below are 5 things i hate the most…

  1. Pack it up: i always have a hard time choosing what needs to be packed up first. too many times i’ve gone on a packing binge and then when it’s time for me to brush my teeth i have to go through all 23 boxes looking for it. my boxes also always seem to have miscellaneous content…i’ll get to my new place of residence and find my hair products in the same box with my plates. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!
  2. Box out: “hey do you have any extra boxes? i’m moving soon.” finding boxes tends to be a real feat for me. 8/10 i’ll just end up in walmart at midnight asking the stocking crew for all of their discarded boxes. yes this is a way to obtain free boxes, but you’ll end up with the most random sizes and depending on what products that box held it may not even be helpful! for instance…the cereal boxes, did you even notice that 97% of the bottom is non-existent?! i spend 15 minutes trying to create a stable bottom for the box before even getting to pack anything in it.
  3. Pack, Goodwill, Trash: every time i pack i try to categorize my things into 3 piles. those things i want to pack, drop off at goodwill, or just throw away in the trash. my problem is this…i will come across things that i have had for YEARS and never worn or used, but refuse to give it away. for instance, i bought this dress at goodwill maybe 4-5 years ago. it had shoulder pads and was almost ankle length. AWFULLY similar to these.stripped-dressi kept telling myself that i would wear it one day, but of course never did. i am finally proud to say that after traveling to 5 different residences, i have finally let it go LOL
  4. Time: you never really know how much stuff you have until you’re forced to pack it all up. i have the worse time perception. the last time i moved i only had kitchen & bathroom items, one dresser, clothes, and shoes to pack up. so of course i figured that i would be able to pack, load, and move all of this stuff in a day. WRONG. it took me FOUR whole days! WHY?! i’ll tell you why, because i kept thinking to myself, “oh i don’t have that much stuff, it’ll just take 3-4 hours TOPS to get all of this moved.” So i kept putting it off.
  5. Me: I’m Finished! Little Stuff: Nah. : it never fails, after getting all of the major items cleared out it always takes me about 2 hours to go through and take care of all the little items left behind. for instance, the electric can opener i left on the kitchen counter because i didn’t see it as a necessity at the moment, or the random laundry items (detergent, dryer sheets, A LOAD OF LAUNDRY IN THE DRYER)                    exhibit 50165438571__b4379b22-1a2e-4132-ba51-2ccf6d27d72bA: this is an actual picture of my last linen closet. this was full with body sprays, towels, lotions, nail polish, etc. why in the world did i leave this crap in there?! seeing this closet triggered me to grab 3 extra tall garbage bags and throw everything in sight away.




in the end, it’s an amazing feeling to do that final walk through of a completely empty space. i’m left feeling like i really accomplished something! that is…until i go to my new space and it’s time to unpack.

tell me your thoughts here!

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