my first mustache

i was oblivious to body hair until i went to fifth grade. i had fairly plump lips for a 10 year old so the shadow from my top lip created what appeared to be a mustache. my brother gave me absolute HAIL about it! to the point where my mother ended up taking me to beauty salon in the mall to get my top lip waxed. the wax was hot than a mug, but i remember thinking to myself, “this pain will all be worth it when i have this hairless top lip!” so the woman lets my seat up, and as she did she said under her breath, “oh.” i sat up straight and stared in the mirror, my face was BEET RED from the hot wax and my face was on FIRE…BUT i didn’t have a trace of hair, and i figured the red would soon fade away and it was way better than the darkness i had when i entered the salon. boy, was i wrong. i woke up the next day, looked in the mirror and had a MUSTSCAB! you might think i’m joking but i seriously had a scab going from one end of my mouth to the other giving off the impression that i had a mustache! can you imagine how mortified i was. then i had to go to school the next day and explain to all of my friends what happened to my face. too embarrassed to tell them that i had gotten my top lip waxed, i told them that my cat scratched me. (sidenote, i have NEVER, nor will i ever own a cat) they believed me and we all moved on for the next 4-5 business days. since then i have NEVER gotten my top lip waxed again. i just take a razor to it twice a month like a regular person lol

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