(anti)social media

we all know that nothing is real unless it’s digitally recorded and posted on social media. oh you went to a concert? i didn’t see fifteen 10 second videos on your Snapchat story to prove it. you’re becoming more cultured and went to a museum? let me check your instagram for a picture of you staring intently at a work of art or statue.

truth of the matter is, we live in a time where you can’t go anywhere or do anything where there will be people and not record it socially.

now, what if you get into a relationship? when is the right time to let the world know about “bae”? a few days, weeks, the day of your 5 year wedding anniversary? as a young millennial woman…ive noticed that some feel the need to broadcast for all those following to see.

then…what happens if you break up? do you go back and delete all the pictures you’ve posted? [let’s have a moment of honesty real quick: how many of us have seen someone post a boo that we don’t recognize. so we scroll, scroll, scroll looking to see if the old person’s pictures are still up?! c’mon. you can tell me. im extra guilty, i just did it today actually ha!] this can be embarrassing because then you seem like the type who hops from one relationship to the next.

a few other questions i have: do you ask before posting? what are some reasons you wouldn’t post your relationship? would you feel some type of way if your significant other doesn’t post you, but you post them?

my opinion? there is never a right or wrong time to go public with your relationship. if you want the world to see bae, post them. regardless of what anyone thinks. and if y’all break up, throw everyone off by keeping the pictures up lol

comment your thoughts below! love you lots!

tell me your thoughts here!

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