8 countries. 12 days.

on july 10 i started a 12 day tour around europe. i’ve put together a few tips i find helpful when doing a multi-city trip. feel free to add any tips you have!


  • take PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! it’ll save you a ton on getting around. on average a day pass is about $15-$20. (now if you just balling out here and wanna uber everywhere be my guest!) oh yeah, and google maps is bae! it’s the only reason i didn’t end up on a back alley somewhere shaking a cup trying to save money to get me home.


  • figure out what the local currency is and have ‘x’ amount of money available. if doing a multi-city tour you’ll most likely encounter numerous currencies and those conversion fees are NOT what you want.
  • give yourself a daily spending limit (and PLEASE BE REALISTIC) i told myself that i would spend no more than $30 a day…ha!! who was i kidding…i ended up tripling my budget by the time i was on my flight home. no seriously, at one point i checked my bank statement and told myself “surely the bank has made a mistake!” they didn’t. 😦

touristy ish

  • do your research on each city you’ll be visiting ahead of time. make a list of all the things you want to do as well as how much they cost. if you choose to go through a travel company like i did (expat explore) they will hit you with all the “attractions” and will usually charge more than you would pay if you were to schedule it on your own.

packs on packs on packs

  • check the weather and pack accordingly! i didn’t annnddd ended up going shopping NUMEROUS times for things like, sweatshirts, hats, and shoes…all of which i had AT HOME. (this definitely contributed to my overspending)

food is bae

  • eat & drink local! this is probably my FAVORITE part about traveling. being able to try different kinds of food. matter of fact, it’s the first thing i research before a trip. EVEN if it doesn’t sound or look good, try a bite! it won’t kill you lol
  • grocery shop! if you are in a city for a few days, go to the grocery store and stock up on a few non-perishables. trust me, you’ll survive eating a pb&j for a few days. unless you have peanut allergies…in that case, find an alternative.

will i do another tour? absolutely. will it be for 12 days? probably not. i was EXHAUSTED! lol but it was an amazing experience with great food, and even better people!

tell me your thoughts here!

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