fresh off the boat: growing up korean pt1

as many may or may not know, i am the product of an interracial relationship. my mom aka tokhwa, aka t-weezy is korean while my dad aka bsmooth aka bv african american. now this series of posts isn’t about bsmooth as much as it is about tokhwa, and how it was growing up with her as a mom.

most of the defining moments of my childhood with my mother revolve around schooling and money. real typical asian worries right? haha but for real tho! first i’ll start with packing my school lunch. okay, before i get into details, take 20 seconds to recall what you packed for your school lunch. probably a cold cut? pb&j? lunchable maybe? welp! not me! tokhwa would pack me a FULL ON korean meal mimicking whatever was for dinner the night before. this includes (but not limited to) seaweed soup, rice, and kimchi.

give or take 2 of the 3 dishes up top. and no leafy greens lol

i mean, its a little excessive right??

now, as SOON as i would open up my lunch cooler (you read right…COOLER not lunch box) no “cutesy” cartoon character lunch boxes for me because well, “where will your thermos and plastic containers go??” umm im in the 1st grade, i’m not suppose to tote all this around MOM.

this is LITERALLY what i lugged to school

all of kids in the vicinity would hold their nose and say real chorus like “ewwwww”. after that first time i started keeping my food under the table and chopsticking my food up to my mouth from there lol SN: i have an older brother, for whatever reason he would get a pass for his lunch. it would be the same as mine but everyone seemed to be soooo interested because he was what you’d call a “cool kid”. so while i’m over here trying to bargain my way through trading my kimbap* (pictured) for an oreo or even 3 nacho cheese doritos, my brother was trying to eat all of his food before it was taken from him.

*kimbap this was the staple that my mom sent me off to field trips with. she wrapped me a roll of about 10 in aluminum foil and TA DAH!

if you’re wondering, i did ask my mom for a simpler lunch. BEGGED her even. told her how all the kids just bring sandwiches and drink capri sun everyday. that got her to spitting facts…nutrition facts. 2,190 g of sugar, 65 g of carbs, kids wish their parents would pack them lunches like this, blah blah blah! i didn’t care about what is or isn’t in those make your own pizza lunchables, i just knew i wanted to sprinkle my own cheese on top!

you know, i can really joke about it now, and relive the PAIN AND AGONY i felt back then lol, but korean food is and will always be my absolute favorite, and i’m thankful to have not taken the typical sack lunch to school until i was in the 10th grade. LONG LIVE THE KIMCHI

comment below some of the lunches you took to school. and did you make them yourself or were they packed for you??

tell me your thoughts here!

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