thai(mes) up!

spring break was spent traveling around thailand with two of my girlfriends.  although for me it ended with a horrendous trip to the hospital due to chronic diarrhea, we had a great time. 

thailand in a nutshell

the one restaurant we ordered…pooped 30xs in 3 days. the choice is yours! 

currency: thai baht the exchange rate is 1 baht = 0.0317 usd. yes. you read that right. 1 baht is 3 cents in usd. so be prepared to BALL OUT ON A BUDGET!!

food: eat ALL the street food. like…ALL OF IT. it’s amazing, it’s cheap, and it’s everywhere! go to a restaurant if you want to, but i wouldn’t do it!


attractions: price all tours yourself before arrival. they’ll definitely overcharge. online: 2100 baht them: 4400 baht

nightlife: out of all my travels, the nightlife from this trip was the best. khao san road (bangkok) zoe in yellow (chiang mai) bangla road (phuket)


transportation: bangkok & chiang mai: uber everywhere! they’ll be more reasonable than taxis and tuk tuks (no trip exceeded $15) phuket: doesn’t matter what you take, it’s all expensive lol

IMG_2815oh yeah, got a tattoo from this guy in bangkok on our last night. GREAT, CLEAN, FRIENDLY service! BKK INK TATTOO. they’re on facebook! look them up.

if you or someone you know is planning a trip to thailand i hope this is helpful! if you have more questions feel free to ask away!

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