bffn (best friends for now)

“go best friend that’s my best friend!”

so this post is about how your best friends turn into friends, dwindle into acquaintances, and then dissipates to “oh yeah we used to be friends.” i’m sure that we have all been there, meeting someone who you click with in this extraordinary way and then you wake up one day and can’t even remember how you fell out in the first place. 


although it’s never easy nor pleasant to lose a friend, sometimes it just…happens. people grow apart, they get into arguments and say irreparable things, or maybe there’s instances/situations that happen that they can’t recover from. whatever the reason, like i said, it happens.

so what do you do if this happens to you? the VERY first question that i always ask is: “what part did i have to play in how this turned out?” is there something that i could have done or said differently? is this my fault? or nah??


the second thing that i ask myself is: “is this a friendship that is worth salvaging?” how important is this relationship to you? what value do you place on it? if you can’t see the value in saving the friendship, then it is best if you let it go.

finally i’ll have a time of reflection on the friendship as a whole. what were the dynamics between me and that person? did we have more disagreements than “laugh until we pee a little” sessions. (yes, its a thing ha!) maybe this friendship was just meant to be for a season and it served its purpose…ran it’s course.


whatever the case may be, people grow apart, and like any relationship you have, friendships take work. most of the time you get out of it what you put into it, but sometimes you have to accept the inevitable and appreciate the time and experiences that you did share.

if you’re currently MY friend and you’re reading this…you’re stuck with me…like…FOREVER. LOVE you!

tell me your thoughts here!

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