long distance love

so. one thing that has been directly affected by my move abroad…my love life. honestly, it never crossed my mind before leaving the states, actually, it was the last thing on my mind. i kind of figured that it would be as it always has been, meet a guy, date a guy, rinse, repeat. 

okay. i’ll be honest, before even moving abroad i both met and started talking to a guy who also lived abroad (not in the same country…go figure), but even after moving out here, we seemed to make it work. as time went on, i realized just how much more work a LDR takes!!

omg seriously…

i mean, in addition to time (and time differences), coordinating visits, shady service, and a few other things, i thought maybe a LDR just wasn’t for me. that was 9 months ago…recently i’ve been interested in trying long distance again, but this is a lot less seamless than the first time around. one thing i have realized about myself is that i am a crazy communication freak! lol i need to talk to you all day errday! (okay i’m joking…kind of) but seriously, constant communication is something that i NEED. because let’s be honest, it’s all i have & all i can give 80% of the time. so when that is lacking, then i just file the whole situation under “FAIL”.

images (1)
give. me. a break.

i’ve spoken to some of my friends about LDR and i told them that i feel it’s selfish of me to even ask someone to embark on this excruciating journey with me. i mean…how can i ask someone to voluntarily be in a relationship with someone they might see what…quarterly?? my friends: if they can’t see that you’re worth it and blah blah blah. yeah, yeah, i get it, i’m amazing, and beautiful, and hilarious, and a great cook…BUT i’m also 13,000 miles AWAY. ha!

okay now this…i’ve said before, and yes, i’m embarrassed lol

because i don’t plan on living abroad for the rest of my life, i’m slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea that i just might have to be single until i move back stateside…but who knows…wait…is that my phone ringing? got to go! wedding is back on! lol

One thought on “long distance love

  1. Weddings back on…. 😂😂😂 The same way you need communication is how I need physical affection (hugs, kisses) so I know LDRs definitely aren’t for me. But i wish y’all the bestest of luck and love!


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